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Welcome to the “Single Corporation” initiative


Having grown over time through acquisitions and expansion, PiTech operates under a legal structure in which each of our Divisions (Groups) is a separate nationally incorporated company. These Divisions (Groups) include PiTech Software Group, PiTech Computer Sales Group, PiTech Computer Training Group, PiTech Computer Repair and Maintenance Group and The PiTech Business Consulting Group.

This legal structure has served us well in the past but does not provide the most effective environment for us to meet customer and business needs in the future. For example, customers who currently have an account with one PiTech Division cannot do business with another PiTech Division without being treated as a new customer. A multiple company environment also increases operational complexity and impacts our ability for efficient integration of acquisitions. To resolve these and other issues, the corporation has intended for some time to take eventual advantage of the opportunity to operate under a single national Corporation. We've determined that now is the appropriate time to take this course of action, and we plan to do so with all deliberate speed.

This transition will require various legal and regulatory steps and will impact many internal technical, financial and operational systems. In order to manage the conversion to a single corporation in a comprehensive and orderly fashion, we've established a formal project structure with key resources assigned across the corporation. 

Work is currently under way to finalize assumptions and begin the design process. 

Because the single company initiative will affect virtually every area of the corporation, it's likely that your organization will be involved in or impacted by this project. There's a tremendous amount of work ahead of us, but a single corporation will provide significant benefits to PiTech going forward.

If you have questions or comments related to this initiative, don't hesitate to e-mail us your questions. We're looking forward to a speedy and successful conversion to a single company environment

Executive Steering Committee 

Core team

The Executive Steering Committee provides executive level oversight to the project. The Committee is comprised of executives representing the impacted divisions. The members are: Clark Wayne, Bruce Kent, Dora Diego, Paul Lennon, Richard Pennyworth, Lois Olsen, Beth Tompkins, James Gordon. 

Committee meetings are held monthly. The Committee is chaired by Dan Easa, and administered by the Project Office.


The Core Team is responsible for day-to-day management of the program project components and related work groups. They are the key forum for first point of escalation on issues and areas of concern, as well as to ensure synchronization of Single Company project plans. The Core Team is comprised of the Program Director, Component Leaders, Project Office, Work Group Leaders and key Working Sponsors. Core Team meetings are held weekly on Thursday Afternoons and are chaired by the Program Director. 

Cross Functional Leadership Team

Program Management Office

The Cross Functional Leadership Team provides oversight and decision direction to the Single Company Core Team. It is responsible for the identification and escalation of key issues and concerns for their area of responsibility. The CFLT is also responsible for knowledge sharing across the enterprise, so that the program stays aligned with remaining corporate and Line of Business priorities and strategies.

The CFLT is responsible for communication within their area of responsibility to ensure high level of knowledge and urgency. CFLT meetings are held monthly, in advance of the Executive Steering Committee meetings.

The Program Management Office (PMO) team is responsible for coordinating and administering a number of functions within the Single Company Project. Their responsibilities include:

  • Weekly integration of status reporting
  • Consolidating and maintaining Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Decisions (RAID)
  • Developing and maintaining integrated milestone reporting for the program and project executive dashboard
  • Resource and financial tracking and reporting
  • Event and implementation management
  • Oversight of the cross talk forum, related projects committee, change control committee and audit committee
  • Assisting in the administration of ESC
  • Coordinating the Monthly Executive Summary