Computer Club


Employees need to be vigilant about suspicious activity that may be observed in and around the building. Such activity should be immediately reported to Protection Services, using the emergency phone number.

Specifically, Protection Services is interested in being alerted if you see any of the following suspicious activities:

  Pedestrian and vehicular surveillance near the facilities involving any surveillance activity of sensitive operations, including photography, videotaping, or extensive note taking, use of audio recorder, or mobile surveillance by cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats or small aircraft.

  Any persons near the facilities that do not fit the surrounding environment, such as individuals wearing improper attire for conditions or are not normally present in the area (people wearing bulky winter coats or clothing in the summer, homeless persons, street vendors, demonstrators, or street sweepers).

  Any persons loitering in an area that may attempt to gain entrance to restricted facilities.

  Individuals who appear to be surveying the area or building on foot, bicycles or in any type of motorized vehicle.

  Any persons showing uncommon interest in security measures or personnel, entry points or access controls, or perimeter barriers such as fences or walls.

  Any persons showing uncommon interest in the facilities, networks, or system (e.g. photographing or videotaping assets).

  Any theft of or missing official company identification documents, uniforms, credentials, or vehicles necessary for accessing our resource and facilities.

  Any theft, purchase, or suspicious means of obtaining plans, blueprints, alarm system schematics, or similar physical security related or sensitive information relative to a facility with key resources and systems.

As a further precaution, you should always check the identity of anyone who appears in your office and claims to be a service technician. Ask them for their identification and service order, and then call Corporate Real Estate Services to verify their authenticity.

Likewise, you should always check the identity of any strangers who enters your office and claims to be there to visit someone. Politely ask them whom they are there to visit and help them find the person. If you are in doubt as to their authenticity, call Protection Services.